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Song Survivor

Your mission was to vote for the song that you want to be eliminated.  One song was removed every week, until only ONE remained! 

Results / April 24th:
And the winner is:  KEEP IT MOVIN' won over Who Will I Run To by THREE votes!

Results / April 17th:
Make Me a Song is eliminated this week.  2 songs left!  The winner will be announced next week!

Results / April 10th:
Busy is eliminated.  3 songs left, which will win?

Results / March 20th:
After a LONG break, Song Survivor is BACK ON!  Counting all votes from Feb 1-March 20:  Cross the Line is eliminated.  There's only 4 songs left!

Results / January 31st:

This week there was a TIE!  Busy and Cross the Line both received 13 votes, so they'll stay on to compete for another week.  No eliminations!

Results / January 24th:
Proving that Kiley fans either have a lot of time on their hands or are very persistent - Lovin' You was eliminated.

Results / January 17th:
Kiss Me Like That was eliminated this time.  6 songs left - which one will win!?

Results / December 27:
Simple Girl was eliminated this time around with a whopping 15 votes!  There's only 7 songs left!

Results / December 6:
No eliminations this week because there was a TIE between Kiss Me Like That and Simple Girl!!!  Be sure to VOTE to keep your favorite song on the list!!!

Results / November 29:
Should I was eliminated this week.  Keep votin' for next Saturday!

Results / November 22:
Another blast for two songs!  The top two voted for songs were Should I (with 15 votes) and this week's eliminated song (with 16 votes!):  Just Like That.

Results / November 15:
This week, there was a bomb of votes for two songs!  The top two voted for songs were I Know and Should I, and this week's eliminated song (by one point!) is:  I Know.

Results / November 8:
For some reason, last week's poll slipped my mind, so I'm adding all the votes for the past two weeks together for this week's vote off.  And the song that is eliminated is:  Better Than The Day.

Results / October 25:
The song you voted off this week:  War Song. 

Results / October 18:
The song you voted off this week:  Confused.  13 songs remain, which will be the next to be eliminated!  Vote this week to have a say!

Results / October 11:
This week "Nowhere" has been eliminated.  Vote all this week and check back on the 18th for the next results!

Results / October 4:
This week we say goodbye to "Country 'Till I Die".  Be sure to vote this week to keep your favorite song on the list!

Results / September 20:
Since the site was down for most of this week, I will combine the votes from the 13th until the 4th and start again from there!

Results / September 13:
Voted off today was No.  Country 'Til I Die was the runner up.  Make sure to vote again this week to keep your favorite on the list!   

Results / September 6:
Voted off today was Blessed.  War Song was the runner up.  Keep your song on the list, vote again this week!! 

Results / August 30:
Someone made it their personal vendetta to vote off As Days Gone By this week.  Keep your song on the list, vote! 

Results / August 23:
The top two voted songs this week were Lovin' You and America.  And the song that you voted to eliminate:  America.  Be sure to keep voting! 

Results / August 16:
The top three voted songs this week were Gunline, Keep It Movin' and America.  And the song that you voted to eliminate:  Gunline.  Be sure to vote this week! 

Results / July 27:

The top two voted for songs were Gunline and Stay Away From My Boyfriend, both taking drastic leads over everything else!  And the song that you voted to eliminate:  Stay Away From My Boyfriend.  Be sure to vote this week!

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